Arc objects are created using the following functions.  An Arc is drawn inside an invisible rectangle by specifying the top-left corner point (x1, y1), the bottom-right corner point (x2, y2), the start angle, and the end angle in degrees.

Function Description
Arc(x1, y1, x2, y2, startAngle, endAngle) Creates an Arc with top-left corner at x1, y1, bottom-right corner at x2, y2, , startAngle (in degrees), endAngle (in degrees).
Notes: Angle 0 is at the three o’clock position, 90 at twelve o’clock, 180 at nine o’clock, and 270 at six o’clock.  Also, -90 is at six o’clock, -270 at twelve o’clock, and so on.  Drawing always occurs from startAngle to endAngle (if startAngle < endAngle, drawing is counterclockwise; else, it’s clockwise).
Arc(x1, y1, x2, y2, startAngle, endAngle, color, fill, thickness) Same as above, plus color (e.g. Color.BLACK (default), Color.ORANGE or Color(255, 0, 255), using specific RGB values), fill (boolean – default is False), and thickness (default is 1 (pixel)).

Once an Arc has been created, it may be added to a Display specifying where to place its top-left corner point.

arc1 = Arc(100, 100, 200, 200, 0, 180)

Finally, you may use the following functions:

Function Description
arc1.getX() Returns the x coordinate (in pixels).
arc1.getY() Returns the y coordinate (in pixels).
arc1.setX(x) Sets the x coordinate (in pixels).
arc1.setY(width) Sets the y coordinate (in pixels).
arc1.getPosition() Returns the position as an (x, y) tuple.
arc1.setPosition(x, y) Sets the position to x, y.
arc1.encloses(other) Returns True if arc1 encloses other (may be any Widget or Graphics object).
arc1.intersects(other) Returns True if arc1 intersects other (may be any Widget or Graphics object).