Installation Instructions

To install jythonMusic on your computer:

  • Download the jythonMusic folder (47MB).
  • Unzip the folder on your desktop (or elsewhere).

That’s it.

(Note: If Java is not already installed on your computer, install it from here.)


JEM Editor

To create and edit jythonMusic programs you may use the JEM editor.  (JEM stands for Jython Environment for Music.)

The JEM editor is the simplest and most usable way to run your programs (Windows/Mac/Linux).  It is developed and maintained by Tobias Kohn.


  • Go to the jythonMusic folder.
  • Double-click on JEM2.jar – this will start the editor, as shown below:

Using the JEM editor to edit and run a jythonMusic program.

The JEM editor has buttons (and menus) for common operations, such as

  • Run a program
  • Stop (a running) program
  • Create a New program (in a separate editor tab)
  • Open an existing program (in a separate editor tab)
  • Save a modified program
  • Open an Interactive Console (to try Python commands before committing them into a program)
  • Open editor Preferences (such as setting font and tab size)


Other Ways to Run Programs

You may also run jythonMusic programs using the following ways. These are intended for more experienced users, as they involve more detailed setup. Also, they may not necessarily provide better performance.