Circle objects are created using the following functions.  Circles are drawn specifying their center point (x, y), and their radius.

Function Description
Circle(x, y, radius) Creates a circle at the given x, y coordinates, and radius.
Circle(x, y, radius, color, filled, thickness) Creates a circle at the given x, y coordinates, radius, color (e.g. Color.BLACK (default), Color.ORANGE or Color(255, 0, 255), using specific RGB values), filled (boolean – default is False), and thickness (default is 1 pixel).

Once a Circle has been created, it may be added to a Display specifying where to place its center point.

circle1 = Circle(50, 50, 5)

Finally, you may use the following functions:

Function Description
circle1.setColor(color) Changes color to the specified color (e.g. Color.BLACK or Color(255, 0, 255), using specific RGB values).  If the color parameter is omitted, a color selection dialog box will be presented.
circle1.getColor() Returns the current color.
circle1.getX() Returns the x coordinate (in pixels).
circle1.getY() Returns the y coordinate (in pixels).
circle1.setX(x) Sets the x coordinate (in pixels).
circle1.setY(y) Sets the y coordinate (in pixels).
circle1.encloses(other) Returns True if circle1 encloses other graphics object.
circle1.intersects(other) Returns True if circle1 intersects other graphics object.
circle1.getPosition() Returns the position as an (x, y) tuple.
circle1.setPosition(x, y) Sets the position to x, y.