JythonMusic runs on Windows, Mac, and Linux.

Download and Install

  1. Download the latest release (234MB).
    • Current Release: Jython 2.7.2, JEM 4.7
    • Release date: October 12, 2022 (also see what’s new)

  1. Unzip the JythonMusic folder you just downloaded. This folder contains the JEM editor (see below), a few sample programs, and the JythonMusic libraries.
    • Keep all extracted files inside the JythonMusic folder.
    • Place the JythonMusic folder on your desktop (or anywhere you want).
    • Keep all your programs in this folder.  But you can make copies of this folder for larger projects, if you wish.
  1. If not already installed, install Java version 8 (Windows, Mac, and Linux).
    • JythonMusic runs on top of a Java virtual machine (JVM).
    • Also, see issue with Java 9.

Running JythonMusic

There are several ways to run JythonMusic programs:

  • Use provided JEM editor (for beginners – easiest)

NOTE: Most advanced editors allow customization – by exploring the above instructions, you should be able to make your preferred editor run JythonMusic, as long as it provides a way to specify which run-time environment to use, when running files.