JythonMusic runs on Windows, Mac, and Linux.


Download the latest release (234MB).

  • Current Release: Jython 2.7.2, JEM 4.6
  • Release date: February 3, 2022 (also see what’s new)


Unzip the JythonMusic folder you downloaded.

  • Keep all extracted files inside the JythonMusic folder.
    • this folder contains the JEM editor (see below), a few sample programs, and the JythonMusic libraries.
  • Place the JythonMusic folder on your desktop (or anywhere you want).
  • Very important – use this folder to save your programs.

Keeping all your programs in this folder is easiest.  But you can make copies of this folder for larger projects, if you wish.

NOTE: JythonMusic runs on top of Java.  So, you may need to also install Java version 8, if not already on your system.  (Also, see issue with Java 9.)

Running JythonMusic

There are several ways to run JythonMusic programs:

  • Running programs via the provided JEM editor (for beginners – easiest).
  • Running programs via the Sublime editor (for average users – preferred).
  • Running programs via the VS Code editor (for average users).
  • Running programs via the Atom editor (for average users).
  • Running programs via the Atom editor (for advanced users – very customizable).
  • Running programs via the terminal window (for advanced users – pure freedom!!!).

NOTE: Most advanced editors allow customization – by exploring the above instructions, you should be able to make your preferred editor run JythonMusic, as long as it provides a way to specify which run-time environment to use, when running files.