Running via Atom Editor #1

To run JythonMusic programs with the Atom editor, follow these steps:

1. Download Atom here.

2. Install the ‘script’ package.  Go to Atom > Preferences… (Mac) or File > Settings… (Windows) then click on ‘+ Install’ and search for  ‘script’.  Install it.

3. Go to packages >script > configure script (or Shift + Cmd + I).

4. In command write:


5. Save the configuration as a profile with a meaningful name (JythonMusic).

6. After you run, press Cmd + Q (Mac) / Ctrl + Q (Windows) once(!) to terminate the active jython process (be careful not to press twice, otherwise, you will also close Atom).

7. Once the profile is created, you can run any program in that directory with the JythonMusic script with Shift + Cmd + K (or packages > script > run with profile).

8. Alternatively, if you do NOT save the configuration, you can run it with Cmd + I.  However, this will be forgotten once you close Atom, and will have to be re-entered.

Note: Make sure the program you are running is saved in the same directory as the files!!